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Cost-efficient. Streamlined. Service-oriented. Simple

Bespoke solutions spanning ecommerce delivery, freight and parcel on a global or domestic level. Turn to the trusted experts, and let our knowledge and technology benefit your business.

Cost-efficient. Streamlined. Service-oriented. Simple
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Air Freight

At ITD, we can provide you with the fastest possible transit times at the lowest possible prices. Our experienced teams are located across the globe to give you access to a range of reliable, flexible express or economy air freight services. This is the perfect way to transport your heavyweight shipments - and we take care of it all, including customs clearance!

Sea Freight

There are many advantages of sea freight transportation. In addition to being extremely carbon-efficient, it is also the cheapest freight option. From Full Container Load (LCL) to Less than Container Load (LCL), we offer a variety of economical shipment offers to suit your business. Additionally, ships are designed to transport hazardous materials, so you can be confident that your products travel with utmost security.

Freight Consolidation


Through our sister company Delta Fulfilment, ITD Global offers so much more than just warehousing services. The whole process is taken care of: unloading, bulk storage, picking and packing, as well as inventory management, restocking, and returns! Our state-of-the-art software can meet orders from any online marketplace platform, making the whole process smooth and painless.

Not sure what is right for your business?

Contact us today and take advantage of our expertise - we’ll find the right freight service for you. Whether you’re looking to make efficiencies in cost, time, or carbon emissions - or perhaps all three, we’re here to help.