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Sending Fragile & Restricted Items by Courier

Knowledge Hub24th Jan 24

Sending fragile stock by courier requires meticulous planning and careful execution to ensure your valuable items arrive with your customers in perfect condition. Whether you’re shipping delicate glassware, electronic devices, or liquids, it’s crucial to choose the right courier and follow the correct packaging procedures. We’ll delve into the art of packaging, wrapping, and sealing your fragile parcels to minimise the risk of damage during transit. 


Fragile & Restricted Items

Fragile and restricted items include perishable goods, liquids under 1000 ml, glass items, valuable jewellery, diamonds, precious stones, antique items, watches, laptops, computers, game consoles, TVs, monitors, lighting equipment, cameras, lenses, optical gear, paintings, musical instruments, ceramics, composite items, fossils, stones, gold or silver articles, kitchen appliances with fragile parts, antiques over 100 years old, and furniture unless flat packed. Because some objects are fragile, shipping them will call for extra caution and special handling.


Checking with the Courier

Before sending any fragile shipments, it’s essential to ensure your chosen courier can process the items and inquire about their policies regarding fragile and restricted goods. Each courier has different and specific regulations and restrictions on different items, so it’s crucial to be well-informed. Some may offer specialised services for fragile shipments, such as extra handling care or insurance options for added peace of mind. You also need to be aware of any extra surcharges associated with sending these special goods.


Packaging Fragile Items

Suitable packaging is the key to ensuring the safety of your fragile items during transportation. 

  • Choosing quality boxes for the items that you are sending is very important. Avoid using boxes that are too large, as it may allow for excessive movement during transit.
  • Invest in high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts or air pillows to protect items from scratches, impacts and vibrations during transit.
  • Fill up the empty space if there is any. Add padding material to prevent the items from moving inside the box throughout transit.
  • Use strong packaging tape to seal the box securely. Ensure that all seams and edges are well-taped to prevent the box from opening during transit.
  • Ensure liquids are sealed tightly in strong packaging. 


Wrapping Fragile Parcels


Double-layer the Bubble Wrap:
For particularly delicate items, consider using a double layer of bubble wrap for added protection. Make sure the items are completely covered, leaving no exposed surfaces. 

Secure with Tape:
Use clear packing tape to secure the bubble wrap in place.  Make sure to tape all seams and edges to prevent the bubble wrap from unravelling during transit. 

Use Foam Padding for Extra Protection:
For items with sensitive surfaces, consider adding an additional layer of foam padding before wrapping them with bubble wrap. This extra layer provides an added buffer against potential impacts. 

Protect Corners and Edges:
Pay attention to the corners and edges of your fragile items, as these areas are more susceptible to damage. Use extra padding or cut pieces of foam to protect these spots. 


Sealing Fragile Parcels

Sealing your parcel securely is the final step in the packaging process. Follow these steps to ensure that your parcel is well-sealed and ready for transit: 

  • Use high-quality packing tape: Invest in packing tape that is strong and durable. Avoid using tape that may easily tear or lose its adhesive strength during transit.
  • Tape all seams: Tape all seams of the box to prevent it from accidentally opening during handling. Run strips of tape along the top and bottom seams, as well as along the sides.
  • Clearly label your package as “Fragile” on all sides of the box. This helps alert the courier to process the parcel with extra care during handling and transit. Make sure to provide clear shipping labels and attach them securely to the parcel. This will help prevent any confusion during the shipping process.

How we can help 

At ITD Global, we understand the importance of sending fragile and restricted items securely, and we strive to provide expert consultation with our clients. We work with all major couriers to ensure that you find the best courier for your specific needs. Our team is available to guide you through the process, offering valuable insights into packaging techniques, shipping options, and coverage. 

By partnering with reputable couriers, we can offer you a range of services tailored to your fragile shipment requirements. From specialised handling to insurance options, we’ll help you make informed decisions to ensure your stock arrives with your customer safely and on time. 

Sending fragile items demands careful consideration and adherence to correct packaging guidelines. By checking with your chosen courier about their policies, understanding their guidelines, and following our comprehensive packaging, wrapping, and sealing tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage during transit. 

We provide expert consultation and work with the best couriers to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your fragile items. Trust us to be your partner in shipping, and let our team of experts guide you through the process, offering peace of mind and smarter shipping for a simpler tomorrow. 

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